W.E.B Du Bois Guest Bedroom

The Guest Suite is not available to students or their guests. Included in the suite is a queen size bed, dining that seats four, a couch, washer and dryer.

There are NO other sleeping arrangements for adults. The Guest Suite has NO sleeping arrangements for children.

*FREE for CHAS sponsored guest speakers*

Maximum stay is 10 days.

Guest Suite Fee:

        $30.00/$40.00 (D/O)* - Per Night (1-5 days)

        $35.00/$45.00 (D/O)* - Per Night (6-10 days)

*Additional $10.00 charge per night for Double Occupancy

Payment may be made by money order, check (payable to "The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania") or by providing a 26-digit University account number.

Check-in is at 1 PM; Check-out is at 12 noon.

Room payment must be received in advance or upon arrival.

Guests without a valid Penn ID card must have guest passes issued by the Du Bois Information Center.

The Du Bois College House provides basic toiletries, kitchen supplies, and linen. Guests must provide their own personal toiletries.

All furniture must remain in the original area and may not be removed from the suite.

Any damages that take place during the stay must be reported immediately to the House Office at 215-898-3677 and you (or the sponsoring department/host) will be responsible for paying for any necessary repairs or for the replacement of any missing items.

Guests are responsible for leaving the suite tidy and clean, including: removing all trash; pulling the sheets off the bed prior to check-out; cleaning, drying, and putting away kitchen utensils.

If there are problems with the initial condition of the room, contact the House Office at 215-898-3677.

The Guest Suite will be closed for personal reservations when Du Bois is closed, inclusive of winter break and throughout the summer.

The key must be returned promptly to the Du Bois House Office at checkout.

Disclaimer: Submitting this form does not guarantee that your request will be accepted. If your request is accepted, our House Team will send you a confirmation email. By submitting this request, you have agreed that if your request is accepted, you are solely responsible for making sure you and your guest(s) abide by the Guest Suite Rules and Regulations and that the proper fees are paid to the House.

To pay for room reservations, a budget transfer is the preferred method.  However, a group may also pay with cash or a check made out to “The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania.”

These are the general guidelines, but exceptions can be made by speaking to the House Dean, Rhina Duquela.