Alexander  Adames

Graduate Associate
3rd Floor

Alexander Adames (pronounced uh-dahm-ehz) is a doctoral student in the Department of Sociology of Sociology here at Penn. Alexander is primarily interested studying the effects of family background on socioeconomic outcomes.

Prior to Penn, Alexander was a CDC Undergraduate Public Health Scholar and has had experiences doing research on Black men's health; sleep inequality; health insurance and mortality; sexual consent on college campuses; and lived theology within the civil rights movement. Alexander was an undergraduate student at the University of Virginia, where he also majored in sociology. 

Academics aside, Alexander is big on trying out foods from different countries. His favorite place to visit in Philly is Chinatown, where he primarily goes for snacks and getting desserts with friends. He also listens to far too many podcasts, including Hidden Brain, Conversations with People Who Hate Me, Planet Money, and More Perfect. If he wasn't doing social science research, Alexander would probably be a writer, working in public affairs, or trying to get a job at NPR or Radiolab.