Du Bois College House Endowed Scholarship provides financial support to upperclass residents of the W.E.B. Du Bois College House who have demonstrated academic excellence and leadership abilities and who might otherwise be unable to meet the cost of a Penn education. It is the only college house that has such a scholarship. Students are selected following their freshman year and the scholarship continues throughout the remainder of their  undergraduate career, provided they continue to meet the criteria.

Past Winners (list is not exhaustive)

Taylor Blackston (2012)
Ernest Owens (2011)
Jalessa Mungin (2010)
Cecela Tomi (2009)
Christopher Griffin(2008)
Malcolm E. Evans(2008)
Charmaine Hanson(2008)
Ryan Jobson(2008)
Renelle Smith (2007)
Jamarah A. Leverette
Lateisha Moore
Kim Noble
Maya Martin
Andaiye Taylor

Proudly on display in the lobby is  a bronze plaque acknowleding those alumni who so generously donated $1,000 or more to this cause.

For more information about giving:

Joanne M. Hanna
Director of Development, Undergraduate Financial Aid
633 Franklin Bldg.
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6285
Phone: 215-898-4551

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