"The Du Bois College House experience is as dynamic as jazz and hip hop, as penetrating as poetry and the pursuit of justice." - Rev. Will Gipson, Faculty Director


The students, faculty, and staff at the W.E.B. Du Bois College House are committed to a Penn experience that advances the legacy of Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois in a college house setting. We invite you to share in that experience with us through our practice of community, intellectual explorations, civic engagement, and programs and events on important contemporary topics through art, theatre, discussions, and in many other ways. Dr. Du Bois, who was a pre-eminent scholar, activist, and one of the most significant intellectuals and social change agents of the twentieth century, is the inspiration for "The House."


The House was established in 1972 as a result of student activists who wanted a living/learning experience at Penn that provided a space for students interested in Black culture. Du Bois College House is available to any Penn undergraduate. Black culture, of course, is an implicit and explicit constitutive factor of American life and history as well as of our stunningly interconnected global reality. Du Bois College House serves to bring these confluent strands to scale, providing a particular lens through which The House community can observe, interpret, encounter, imagine, and form perspectives both individually and collectively about the world in which we live. The lens for this experience is as dynamic as jazz and hip hop, as deep as poetry and the pursuit of justice. 


All residents of Du Bois, or "The Village," are encouraged to participate in the various opportunities afforded by an impressive GA staff, faculty fellows, house dean, faculty director, and the student leadership of The House. Du Bois boasts a championship residential basketball team, an art gallery, frequent house sponsored trips (locally and beyond), a library, four lounges, and easy access to the movie theatre, grocery store, and SEPTA bus, trolley, and rail lines.


So, please come and join us as a resident or a guest at one of our events. We're delighted to welcome you to Du Bois!


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