W.E.B. Du Bois College House

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(215) 898-3677
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Monday-Friday, 9AM-5PM

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3900 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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Display Room Policy: 
Display a Room Policy on Room RSVP request forms.
Room Reservation Policy: 

Room Reservations are made on a first come-first serve basis, but all House Events take precedence. All spaces are for residents first and foremost. Rooms available for reservation are: the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR), Seminar Room A, Music Room, Recreation Room, and House Library.  Rooms may be reserved from 9:00am – 11:00pm.   For House Staff, House Council, and CHAS, events are free. If you are found meeting in a room without reserving it, your group may lose the privilege of meeting in the Du Bois College House.   Also, please note that groups are required to provide a guest list 1 week prior to any event expecting both NON-PennCard holding guests and guests with an active PennCard (i.e. faculty, graduate students and staff) but are not current undergraduates.  Furniture may be moved for an event but must be returned to the original area.  Groups are also responsible for all other set up and clean up before and afterwards.

In consideration of community members who are in the proximity of this public space, we ask that all groups refrain from using language or music with lyrical content that may be considered offensive. 

Please take note that the space needs of the House take precedence over all other group requests.  Therefore, all reservations are subject to cancellation on any given day for a House event or a House sponsored event. Also, no reservations will be approved during Reading Days and Finals. For all collaborations, please finalize the details prior to submitting this form. 


Room Details:

Multi-Purpose Room: The largest of our rooms, fits around 150 comfortably.  The MPR can be reserved for $25.00 an hour for a maximum of 4 hours.

If you are reserving the MPR, the kitchen is also included. If not, the kitchen can be reserved for $50 for a 4-hour time block. The cost is $5 / hour for each additional hour.

The only exception is for collaborations with on-campus partners. If an organization (on-campus partners only) non-affiliated with House business using the MPR partners with the W.E.B Du Bois College House in a collaborative effort to open the event to the House residents. All collaborative details must be finalized a week prior to the date of the event. The organization must add the Du Bois House coat of arms to its flier. A member of the Graduate Associate (GA) or senior staff (Dean, Faculty Director, Faculty Fellow) must be present and the event must be evaluated. 

Academic courses may be held in the room if there is a specific need due to class size, or artistic needs. 

Seminar Room A:  This small seminar room seats at most 20 people.  This room is strictly reserved for academic purposes, such as tutoring and study sessions. There is no fee to reserve this room.

Music Practice Room:  This room is the same size as Seminar A but will not be able to seat more than 10 people. This room contains a piano, and other musical instruments and may be reserved at no fee. All instruments must be respected and treated with care. To reserve this space, send requests to dubois@collegehouses.upenn.edu