Room Selection Frequently Asked Questions:


Where can I go to learn about Program Communities and what the Four-Year Houses offer?

  • Get information about Program Communities and learn how to apply HERE
  • Click on each house name to see the great things happening in each house: Du Bois, Gregory, Lauder and Stouffer


How do I apply to return to or join the Du Bois Community?

  • Apply in January and February annually should you desire to live in the Du Bois College House during the upcoming academic year by completing an online application indicating interest in Du Bois College House at


When can I apply to live in Du Bois?


Where can I find additional information about the College Houses?



What are the Housing Options for First-Year Students?

  • Get Resources, College House options and additional Important Informaton HERE



If there are any additional questions or concerns, please contact the House Director, Kay Lloyd, via email at

Thank you for considering returning to or joining the Du Bois Community!